Catch Your Limit Guides Organization to
“Best Companies to Work For”
Win 3 Years in a Row


About Our Client:
Partners in Association Management (PIAM) is a full service association management firm representing a range of national and state associations as well as professional societies across the country.

When we began working with PIAM in 2008, our first charge was to conduct one-on-one interviews with all members of the PIAM management team and employees. The confidential assessments provided important insights and also served as a measurement tool.

Assessment Findings Included:
PIAM staff respected one another for their strong work ethic, high degree of knowledge and commitment to excellent client service. However, interdepartmental service needed to improve.

Inconsistency in management styles/priorities created confusion, uncertainty, frustration and organizational divides and territorial challenges.

The two greatest opportunities were to create a more cohesive culture and increase accountability followed by:

  • Improved utilization of intellectual capital/strengths,
  • Improved internal communication/collaboration,
  • providing management cross training opportunities ,
  • and developing an improved on-boarding process for new employees.

How We Helped:
Catch Your Limit guided PIAM to build leadership capacity and a sustainable high performing culture which would support their values. PIAM leadership supported the process being transparent and engaging for all employees. New skillsets would be sustainable. And the new culture would have a positive bottom line impact. It was a tall order.

Using owner insights, and the assessments, we developed a plan of action.

  • Periodic assessments to measure progress, correct as needed;
  • Off-site retreats, and on-site work sessions were designed to create safe environments for facilitating crucial conversations , skillset development and opportunities for application.
    • Management Team: concentration on trust building, positive conflict, clarity, cohesion, leadership and accountability
    • All Hands: Teams were assigned to work interdepartmentally and tackle PIAM’s high priority opportunities - all while learning, practicing, implementing and reinforcing the focused skills and behaviors.
  • Monthly consulting sessions with owners ensured progress, course corrections, and support through the organizational change.
  • Variety of methodologies to assess ROI for the individuals and teams across the organization.

Measurable improvements in key areas. In addition to the assessments, we also utilized Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team tool & assessment. Scores increased significantly in each area, with trust and commitment scores leading the way.

  • Trust scores increased 31% (from 55% to 86%).
  • Commitment scores increased 25% (from 60% to 85%).

PIAM continues to invest in their leadership culture. Tools and concepts we introduced are still utilized by experienced team members as well as new. PIAM is always on the lookout for best practices to incorporate.

Partners in Association Management has been named by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the “Best Companies to Work For in Florida” for three years in a row. They credit Catch Your Limit with helping them achieve this aspirational goal.


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