Join our community of like-minded people who value always striving to be a better leader and growing more leaders.

Whether you have an immediate need or not, let’s get to know each other. We don’t hard sell and we’re not looking to be a fit for everyone. If you’re interested in leadership resources or a talking partner for a leadership challenge you’re facing, connect with us. If it turns out that you see benefit in having a guide and not going it alone, we know some great ones!

Our Credo

We at Catch Your Limit Consulting are passionate people.

We guide our clients in the pursuit to catch their limit.

The people we touch find joy in being challenged, stimulated and encouraged to feel a part of and accountable for their mutual success.

Catch Your Limit is about people paying attention to people…about the power of good ideas that passionate, motivated, fully energized people can generate.

We strive to create working environments where you can discover and develop your capabilities and potentials, support each other every step of the way, celebrate your successes, learn from your failures and never forget how to play.

The only thing off limits at Catch Your Limit is making excuses.

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