"Catch Your Limit's often unconventional approaches to help us 'catch our limit' have won raves from our entire organization. They've coached us in building an environment that encourages and supports sustained growth with all hands involved."

Rick Seamon

Vice President/General Manager 
Comcast Communications

"Melissa and Tom were fun and effective in leading our Annual Leadership Strategic Planning Workshop. We wanted something different and they did not disappoint. Our new strategic goals are challenging, forward-thinking, and certain to strengthen the programs and member benefits of the Alabama Society of CPAS."

Jeannine P. Birmingham, CPA, CAE

President & CEO
Alabama Society of CPAs

"In my former role, I was a departmental manager at a Fortune 500 company with a variety of challenges and we needed help. First of all, we needed a patient and curious analysis of our situation. The next step involved the development of a plan that was measureable and practical. Finally, we needed to accomplish all of this while continuing to push for goals that seemed at times way out of reach.

"Tom, Melissa and their team are resourceful resilient and focused on the end goal. Their approach was appropriate based on the situation – cautious when necessary and fearless the rest of the time. Their eyes and ears found the clues that led them to the solutions we could not or would not find. The discussions revealed undiscovered conflicts between teams and priorities and ultimately led to improvements in processes and measurement standards. The communication that started when they initiated their work set a new standard that really changed the culture of our entire organization.

"Catch Your Limit is about coloring outside of the lines and making the picture much better in the process. From our experience, their delivery exceeded our expectations in every category that we measured. I would bring them to the table again without a moment’s hesitation."

Josh Simpson

Reach Local

"Innovative. Fun. Challenging. 
These are just a few of the words my team used to describe their 18-month learning experience with Catch Your Limit. As a team that had taken on new projects and new staff in a whirlwind of membership outreach, we needed Catch Your Limit’s assistance in learning how to communicate inside and outside our department; to take ownership of our new projects; to build smaller teams that were project-specific and to embrace the changes around us proactively instead of reactively. Supervisors and the department director received individual counseling and the entire team had monthly meetings and half-day retreats throughout the 18-months, all of which resulted in improvements to every aspect of the department’s work. We are a very thankful recipient of the ><((“> magic!"

Lynn Tipton

Director of Membership Development
Florida League of Cities, Inc.

"We used Catch Your Limit Consulting to do a membership assessment. ACEC Virginia needed to know how our members saw the association so we could adapt our organization to the new era. Catch Your Limit did telephone interviews with our members and presented a report with recommendations for our Board to review and consider. This report became the base for the changes that we have implemented over time. I would recommend Catch Your Limit as a resource to any association that wanted to do a “self-check” on their organization."

Nancy L. Israel

Executive Director
ACEC Virginia

To say working with Catch Your Limit Consulting (><((“>) is wonderfully fantastic doesn’t completely capture this organization or its creative, intelligent staff. You have to experience it to really appreciate all that they do. One of my favorite aspects of partnering with ><((“> is that from start to finish everything is tailored to your organization and its goals and objectives; there is nothing cookie-cutter in what they deliver. TSAE has used a variety of their services and have never been disappointed. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, a presenter for a break-out session, facilitation for strategic planning/board retreat, or even some assistance with creative brainstorming, Catch Your Limit Consulting will help you, your members and your organization achieve a new level of success. And, they are a lot of fun to work with!

Frances M. Gilbert, CAE

Executive Director
Tallahassee Society of Association Executives

"Our experience with Catch Your Limit was a very productive and positive experience. CYL did an excellent job in leading our efforts to develop a new Strategic Plan and begin the process of establishing our new brand. We have a very clear road map for the future, including tangible metrics to help us (and our Board of Directors) assess our progress going forward.

"CYL was very pro-active in its planning, performance, and follow-through. In my opinion, CYL's strength was in making a daunting and potentially laborious process into an engaging and stimulating undertaking. They had a consistently positive approach towards our efforts. They were genuinely nice to work with and our entire staff and Board of Directors enjoyed the experience and believed the final product was excellent. Even though we presented some challenges, they always maintained a good attitude and developed novel and engaging ways to approach each part of the process.

"I honestly cannot think of a weakness. They consistently met or exceeded my expectations. Members of our Board (CEOs and Board Chairs of some of the nation's leading medical liability insurance companies) were unanimous in their praise and appreciation of the work of CYL."

Brian K. Atchinson

President & CEO
Physician Insurers Association of America

“Thank you for sharing your special talent and message with us.”

Frank Ryll, Director

Florida Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for the great workshop you facilitated for our team…I believe we learned a lot about each other through the exercises we experienced that day!”

Chris Jensen, President

Prime Meridian Bank

“Catch Your Limit masterfully worked with our team during a half day creative retreat.  They facilitated a process that resulted in the production of over 100 ideas for supporting our mission.  Furthermore, they guided us through the important next steps to make the best ideas a reality.  We were very satisfied with our experience and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Henry "Buz" Bireline

Director of Habitats & the Nature Center
Maymont Foundation





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