We never knew when we started this company, with a duct taped laptop and a dream, that our experiences would vary so drastically. We’ve been fortunate to work with clients in almost all 50 states and Canada; to facilitate from the greatest boardrooms with their impressive views and accoutrements; to stand roadside and talk with an asphalt “slinger” in 90 + temps about right ways to value/respect employees; to observe ten years of generational dynamics at play in our courses at Florida State University; to speak at the same conferences as Jim Collins and Maya Angelou and others we admire; to ride along with a hospice music therapist and learn from her the true need of leadership for caregivers; to design a leadership camp for foster teens or to be inspired by alumni of our leadership programs who are the kind of leaders that are so rare and yet so needed, and who we are proud to call our friends.

Get to know us.

Melissa Laughon joined Catch Your Limit Consulting as a partner in 1999. Melissa guides organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and other groups willing to work hard, and eager to “catch their limit.”

Melissa’s expertise in organizational challenges centers on change initiatives, creating engaged cultures, recruiting and growing the best leaders, building strong teams/leaders as well as succession planning.

Melissa develops custom category and organizational leadership programs. She is also a contributing author/blogger on a variety of management topics.

In addition to her leadership and organizational management practice, Melissa is an experienced and sought-after strategic planning facilitator. Her style drives organizations to dig deeply and look long and hard – in search of the perfect, yet sometimes surprising outcome. As a nationally recognized speaker, Melissa understands the importance of leaving an audience with actionable strategies applicable to participants both in their work and personal lives.

Melissa’s interest in gauging and ensuring the favorable impact of an engagement is what drives her – and her clients to success. After the initial assessments are reviewed and strategic plans are developed, she’s instrumental in partnering with clients to implement, evaluate, measure ROI, adjust when necessary and most importantly…celebrate when her clients catch their limit!

Melissa is slated to teach at VCU in 2014 and is an active member/supporter of civic organizations in Richmond and is currently serving on the Executive Committee for the Richmond Chamber. Melissa loves being on the water and traveling.

Tom Laughon, President of Catch Your Limit Consulting and a leading expert on creativity and strategic thinking, has proven that a consultant doesn’t need wingtips and a tie to be a trusted and effective advisor to corporations large and small. His creative journey from lead singer in a rock-n-roll band, eventually migrating to leadership and management consultant, strategist, keynote speaker, facilitator, professor and writer is a fascinating one.

After leaving his rock and roll career and returning to college, Tom spent more than 25 years in advertising working with some of America’s top brands: Comcast Communications, McDonald’s, Reynolds Metals, Corning/Mitsubishi, Samsung, International Dairy Queen and The Society to Protect America’s Eagles.

In 1999, Tom founded Catch Your Limit. Tom and his team guide organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and any organization willing to work hard, and who have the drive to “catch their limit.” Catch Your Limit works in leadership development, creativity, innovation, teaming and positive change. Regardless of the program, Tom and his team believe strongly that their individually designed and delivered programs will bring significant long-term return to organizations – both large and small. His commitment to “practice what he preaches” has made Catch Your Limit a petri dish for round-the-clock experimentation.

Tom’s experience includes being an adjunct professor for over ten years at Florida State University and he is slated to teach at VCU in 2014. His articles and blogs are found in print and online and he’s currently writing a book about the process of fostering creativity and strategic thinking. A natural storyteller, Tom ignites hearts, minds and souls.

Tom’s passion is fishing, always working hard to catch his limit on Virginia’s James River and Florida’s Gulf.


We love guiding leaders
to be better leaders
and to grow
more leaders.

And, in case you didn’t get it, we love to fish. For over fifteen years, Catch Your Limit has provided us the opportunity to do both!

The analogy of Catch Your Limit has been an inspiration to us as often as it has for others. Our brand allows for us to bring our very best, authentic selves to the meaningful work that we do. Read Our Credo. Notice the energy and enthusiam. Think about what that excitement could bring to your organization.

All the while we’re guiding … we’re learning. This journey of ours has not always been easy and it has taken us places that have changed us forever. Each leader we work with benefits from those experiences that came before.


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